The Sugar Haul

The Boys - Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween to all.  The boys successfully brought in bags of candy last night, which combined with the end of daylight savings time (a convention that drives me a bit crazy) has led to requests for candy starting at 8 a.m. this morning!

For those who haven’t met the boys yet, here is your legend for future reference here at cps consolidated:

  • The Skeleton = The Artist
  • Obi-wan = The Engineer
  • Captain Rex = well, The Captain

Friends and family know where to get more details and photos about the Brothers K Halloween.


~ by cps42 on November 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Sugar Haul”

  1. whoa, awesome costumes.

    what? daily sweets habit linked to violence?

    and: do you like wordpress? I have students using it for e-portfolios and (at least for new users) it seems so persnickety.

    I will link to you immediately. If not sooner.

  2. hey you–always the first to find my on-line offerings! WordPress seems a little restrictive so far–but that might be because I was so used to Blogger and knew how to fiddle with it. I imagine part of it is that Google they can support more–but then I wanted to get at least one step away from the big G and see how it goes. We will see.

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